The consumer has changed. We are a generation of the digitally empowered buyer.

We want the brands we buy into to reflect who we are as people.

Consumers today are informed consumers, less and less so is there the need to rely on word of mouth referrals when the strongest resource for gathering information about a particular brand or product is right at our fingertips – Google.  Consumers will make a decision about your business based on your digital footprint and in a market where your competition is becoming less geographically based and more determined by how effective your digital marketing strategies are, the need to understand what your target consumer wants is key.  With an abundance of free content available online, the greatest challenge for businesses today is developing a service or product offering that responds to what the digitally empowered consumer values.   The digitally empowered buyer does not want to be sold to, they will look beyond brand messaging.  Today’s consumer wants to feel that what they are buying is authentic.

Our role as your Trusted Business Advisor is to simplify the business equation. From us you can expect simple language, simple instructions and honest answers.  We can offer you monthly payment options to help you plan your cash flow, we can automate our delivery to you for all correspondence, we can tap into your mobile based apps you use for business, use digital information sharing services for managing the flow of information between us, keep you up to date of relevant changes in the industry through our Bean Blog EDMs and social media channels and connect you to businesses over a range of specialties and expertise.

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