Management Accounting, Cash Flow Forecasting & Budgeting

Management Accounting

Keeping track of business performance is the key to driving future business performance. Having sound, up to date and regular financial reports will ensure you are making well-informed business decisions in relation to such as further capital expenditure, cost reductions, where future sales growth needs monitoring or driving, under or well-performing staff or when the right time to take on new staff is. We can help you to prepare interim financial reports and therefore better advise you as to your future tax payments so as to prevent any surprises at year end and to smooth out your tax obligations, saving you money. We will have discussions with you in regards to the results of these reports and make sure you are aware of any pitfalls or areas that need your attention on a more regular basis.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Proper cash flow management can be the determining factor for whether a business succeeds or fails. 40% of start-up companies fail due to cash flow issues. Cash flow forecasting is essential to keeping up good supplier relations, ensuring you do not fall behind in your tax payments to the IRD, making sure you are able to meet all your lending obligations, ensuring that capital expenditure projects are planned correctly or may be necessary in the event of a potential business sale.

Different factors may influence our cash flow forecasting such as seasonal variation in your particular industry, economic downturn, large capital expenditure projects, your upcoming tax obligations etc. As your Trusted Business Advisers familiar with your business, we are well placed to assist in the preparation of such forecasts.

Having a sound cash flow forecast will help you to understand when you may need to invest more money in your business or when you may be able to expend on large asset purchases.


Budgeting is a tool used as both a good planning tool as well as a benchmark for determining business success. Budgeting is particularly important for managing clients out of financial strife, for analysing the results of various departments, making decisions about whether to trim expenditure in a particular area or to increase investment, or if you want to measure staff performance and set productivity targets.

Budgets should be robust in their making, using actual data from prior periods as an initial starting point in determining figures. Ensuring that all data is captured in the budgeting process is key to determining their effectiveness. As your Trusted Business Advisers, we can advise you when your business may benefit from the preparation of budgets and can assist you to prepare such as necessary.

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