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The Government’s Tax Agenda

February 27, 2018

One of the first questions business owners ask when a new government enters power is what changes, if any, are coming in the area of tax.

Revenue Minister Stuart Nash provided a good steer on that when he addressed Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand last November.  The biggest question, he said, is whether our current system is fit for purpose.  A week later, the Government demonstrated it’s commitment to finding an answer by announcing the tax working group, to be headed by Sir Michael Cullen.  It’s brief is wide and includes specific emphasis on GST (but is unlikely to include GST rates) and the overheated housing market (almost certainly by focusing on speculative property buying).

Other issues the Minister highlighted:

  • The future of work and tax consequences.
  • Ensuring company tax is fair and efficient and that all companies pay their fair share.
  • Our ageing population and increased superannuation and healthcare costs.
  • The rapid growth of the sharing economy and its implications for the tax system.
  • Disruptive technologies and decentralised methods of operating.

If you’ve ever wondered if you might have a tax refund tucked away at IRD, here’s some good news – there is a proposal for refunds to be issued automatically.

This is all part of the IRD’s ongoing drive to work well with businesses.  One thing you can expect to see is better communication with tax professionals before policy proposals are developed or implemented.  This should minimise well-meant but fundamentally unworkable policy being introduced.

About Kylie Liew

Avatar photoKylie is Managing Director and Qualifying Principal of Giles & Liew Chartered Accountants. Her combined experience in Accounting and Business Advisory, together with leadership of business transformation projects and the development of the firm's Digital Transformation services makes her well-placed to help New Zealand businesses grow and succeed in today's ever changing digital business environment. Kylie understands the complexities of business ownership in New Zealand and works with clients to formulate business strategies to help them achieve sustainable growth.

Digital disruption of the Accounting industry presents a unique opportunity to redefine the role of the Business Advisor.  Kylie is committed to exploring innovative ways to achieve growth and create success. She helps clients turn their vision into real value.

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