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Business Structuring & Tax Planning

February 18, 2019

Ensuring your business and personal affairs are structured into the appropriate legal structures is an essential and ongoing exercise.

Appropriate tax planning lets you know how much tax you have to pay and when you have to pay it.  The best way to make your tax payments is to plan ahead for them so you can pay the full amount on time. By paying in full and on time, you won’t be charged penalties and interest costs will be kept to a minimum. It’s a good idea to use a separate interest-bearing account to put aside money to cover your tax and provisional tax payments, or other tax tools such as tax pooling.

By planning appropriately and saving for your taxes you will:

  • have far better control of your business cash flow
  • avoid late payment penalties
  • save yourself a great deal of worry and stress.

Our strategic approach

We will recommend and structure your affairs in a manner that balances your business and personal objectives together with your commercial requirements and the cost of compliance.

Changes in business circumstances or contemplating investment decisions?

Perhaps you are anticipating a drastic change in sales or maybe you’re looking to sell your business, purchase new assets or you’re looking at refinancing options – If you can foresee changes to your business for the year ahead, talk to us.  We can advise you as to any structuring and tax planning considerations that need to be taken into consideration in your decision making.

We can assist with:

  • Ensuring your loans are correctly structured under the right entities for tax deduction purposes.
  • Keeping a close track of your income levels and interim results during the course of the year to make sure you are balancing your tax payments and we will advise you of upcoming tax payments.
  • Navigating complex property accounting and tax issues to do with such things as property subdivisions and developments, the application of the Bright-line rules for the sale of residential property or the proposed ring-fencing of tax losses.

Looking to start a business?

Getting your business structures right from the start can avoid costly changes later down the track.  Taking into account your long-term goals for the business and your personal situation will help us determine the appropriate entity under which to operate your new business.

Have you had changes to your personal situation?

Changes in your personal affairs, such as a change in your marital status, may also have a bearing on the way in which your business affairs are structured.

Get in Contact

Business structuring and tax planning is an ongoing process that can save you time and money.  We encourage you to keep the above in mind and please make sure you talk to us about changes in your circumstances and any updates to your long-term goals so that we can plan to help you achieve them.  Please feel free to make an appointment to come in to discuss or review your affairs.

About Kylie Liew

Avatar photoKylie is Managing Director and Qualifying Principal of Giles & Liew Chartered Accountants. Her combined experience in Accounting and Business Advisory, together with leadership of business transformation projects and the development of the firm's Digital Transformation services makes her well-placed to help New Zealand businesses grow and succeed in today's ever changing digital business environment. Kylie understands the complexities of business ownership in New Zealand and works with clients to formulate business strategies to help them achieve sustainable growth.

Digital disruption of the Accounting industry presents a unique opportunity to redefine the role of the Business Advisor.  Kylie is committed to exploring innovative ways to achieve growth and create success. She helps clients turn their vision into real value.

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